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Argostoli - Bee Farm - Olive Oil Farm - Argostoli


5 hours / 24 kilometers



The Farm Bike Tour immerses you into the authentic farmland of Kefalonia on an E-Bike (Fatbike). The highlights of this tour are visiting a family-run organic bee farm, and visiting a traditional olive oil mill. Accompanied by one of our tour guides we first cycle to a bee farm in a small village, about 11 kilometers outside of Argostoli.

After a cold glass of water and a warm welcome at the bee farm, we will first go to the laboratory to extract the honey from a honeycomb. And we go looking for pollen. After a fresh cup of coffee or a cup of mountain tea, a glass of fresh juice and a slice of pasteli (sesame and honey), the beekeeper demonstrates which bee products are available. You will also taste honey in its purest form, propolis and pollen. Another highlight takes place at the end of the visit to the bee farm. During a short workshop you will work on making a candle from one of the natural products of the honey bee, beeswax. Light it when you get home and you will have a romantic evening for sure!

We continue the Farm Tour going to a village further away, about a 10 minute cycling distance. A winding coastal road leads past olive groves, fruit trees and centuries-old vineyards.


During the second visit of this tour you will be introduced to another beautiful Greek creation: olive oil.

After showing you around on the olive oil farm, there will be a short presentation by an expert about different olive oil varieties available in Kefalonia. We also get the chance to taste various types of olive oil in combination with a Greek salad and other food. You will be amazed. Don't worry, all senses will be stimulated during this unique gastronomic tour.

Time to cycle back to Argostoli through the hills. Enjoy the sea view to the west and the view of the Koutavos lagoon to the east. Both are spectacular.



- Experienced Dutch / English-speaking guide

An E-Bike (Fatbike) + helmet

A bottle of water (0,5L)

Olive Farm: Tasting and demonstration of the olive oil (production) by the producer in English


€69,00 per person

(up to 10 cyclists)


King A Hotel Leof. Ioannou
Metaxa 28, Argostoli 281 00

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