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TOP 5: Most important facts you should know about Kefalonia

  1. Kefalonia is the 6th largest island of the 1,600 islands Greece has. Mount Ainos (1,628 meters) the tallest mountain of Kefalonia is also the tallest mountain of all the Ionian islands.

  2. Kefalonia has the longest pedestrian stone bridge crossing sea water in the world! Built in 1813, De Bosset Bridge plays a dominant role in Kefalonia's history and evolution. Named after the engineer Charles de Bosset, the bridge has a length of 690 meters connecting the east part of Kefalonia with its capital, Argostoli. Legend has it that the bridge was built in order to bypass the swampland of Koutavos, which in those days was synonymous with malaria and death. Today is a beautiful pedestrian stone pathway which we of course cycle on our Argostoli Highlights bike tour.

  3. Kefalonia is home to the endangered species of sea turtles: Caretta Caretta. We often have the privilege of spotting them at Argostoli marina. They are 1-1/2 meters long and can live up to 65 years.

  4. The most beautiful beaches of Europe and of the world can be found in Kefalonia. Pristine turquoise waters, lush greenery everywhere you turn, untouched nature make Kefalonia a beach haven. Of course we pass the most beautiful beaches during our bike tours.

  5. Kefalonia was struck by a destructive 7.2 richter earthquake in 1953 leaving the island and its people in shambles. The island has largely recovered since, rebuilding from ground zero making Kefalonia and its people resilient and strong. Stay tuned for a special earthquake-themed bike tour!

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