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What does Alpha Travel do?
Alpha Travel (AT) is a Greek/Dutch travel agency, specialized in organizing tours and holidays in and around Kefalonia in Greece.


What services does Alpha Travel offer?
AT offers a variety of services in Kefalonia, the surrounding Ionian Islands and the Peloponnese. The company rents accommodations, such as luxury villas, apartments & 
studios and special stays. Alpha Travel also offers tours & exursions. The company has excellent contacts for transport services, such as car and boat rentals as well.


Who is the target group?
AT focuses on the Dutch traveller who wants to go on a vacation to Greece. Obviously, the intended target group is much. In general can be said that AT focusses on Northern Europe and North America.


What is Alpha Travel’s proposition?
The advantage is that AT is an example of a Greek/Dutch connection. The proposition is that the company is a connoisseur of the local Greek market and a reliable empathetic advisor for the Dutch traveller. AT listens to the customer in order to best meet his or her needs (tailor-made). With local expertise, high quality and excellent service orientation, Alpha Travel is a unique player in the market.


Vision and mission
Alpha Travel's vision is to become the long-term travel specialist for the traveller that requires more than a standard vacation to Kefalonia or the surrounding area. To achieve this (mission), AT has to understand what the demand is and where it comes from, in order to provide the traveller with the perfect tailor-made solution to make him/her delighted.

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