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Our Kefalonia!

Kefalonia is much more than its beautiful beaches and lush nature. It is rich, rich in culture, rich in its people, rich in its traditions. The island’s unique geological phenomena and untouched wild habitat make for distinctive flavours and a unique cuisine. From our traditional sugar coated almonds (mandoles), to our crisp Robola wine, Kefalonia is a gastronomic haven.

We locals take pride in holding up traditions and respecting what the island offers us so abundantly. Kefalonia is so much more than a holiday destination. It is home. It is home to whomever sees it at such and feels it as such. Its people are welcoming and open.

Our Kefalonia is not just another Greek island. It is the land of skordalia (garlic dip) and kreatopita (traditional meatpie only made in Kefalonia). I can still smell my grandmother’s kitchen as she cleans the garlic heads ready to press them with her hands in a 100+ year stone mortar.

Our Kefalonia It is the land of dancing and singing. Family gatherings wouldn’t mean anything without music. It is the land of Saint Gerasimos and homegrown fruit and vegetables. It is the land of the smell of crushed olives every fall.

But above all, our Kefalonia is a beautiful place, because its natural beauty is reflected in the smiles of its people. Come join us and discover all of this with us, on a bike.

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