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Updated: May 9

March wags its tail, April does its will. However the days are already becoming warmer and longer on average. More and more flowers are starting to bloom and the bee population wants to grow, especially in April, where we are now. That's why the queen lays more and more eggs every day. Sometimes fifteen hundred to two thousand eggs a day. Quite busy on your own. She therefore has no time left for other tasks.

To maintain this, she is well cared for by her daughters. They feed her and clean her. The queen lays two types of eggs: fertilized and unfertilized. Fertilized eggs produce daughters and unfertilized eggs produce males, the drones. They do nothing other than mate with a young queen. Then they die. Drones that have not mated are removed from the nest at the end of the year. The larvae that hatch from the eggs have an enormous appetite. They eat a lot to grow. More and more bees are looking for pollen to feed all those hungry mouths. Bees work very hard and that is why they do not grow old: six weeks after they come out of their cells they are completely exhausted. To maintain the bee population, many new bees must be born to replenish the number of bees. With our new 'Honey Bike Tour' we offer you the opportunity to experience a day in the life of the bee firsthand. You become a beekeeper for a few hours. We cycle on e-bikes to the southern part of the island. After a warm welcome by two local bee experts, we will take a closer look at the bees. We are holding a frame with hard working bees. Then we taste different types of pure honey. After this special experience, the experts will open a beehive. Bring your camera if you want a photo of you holding the frame in your hand. Make sure you have the camera READY. As you stare at bees in an observation hive, the beekeeper shares interesting facts about the life of a bee. It's high time to get started yourself. Depending on the season and the productivity of the beehives, you will help prepare and taste fresh honey, or collect fresh royal jelly or pollen, another wonderful moment not to be missed. Afterwards you have the chance to buy products directly from the manufacturer.

Long story short, the Honey Bike Tour is an unforgettable experience! 

Book before May 1st and receive a 15% discount on the Honey Bike Tour.

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