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Happy New Year!

Updated: Apr 25

Already day 3 in 2024 and I wish it is a successful and fulfilling year for everyone. 

When I started my small cycling tour agency 2,5 years ago, I never imagined the scale and length it could take. My learning from 2023? Every small step forward is a big milestone in entrepreneurship. 

In Greek, the word entrepreneur translates directly to the verb “epí-cheíro”, which means "to attempt", "to try." So in its pure notion, an entrepreneur is an attempter. Just like in engineering, entrepreneurs are constantly inventing, re-inventing, trying, listening, failing, and trying again. This is what 2023 felt like, with a lot of beautiful results. 

Looking ahead, here are a number of important events that we are looking forward to with great anticipation:

Next week, from 10/01-14/01, we are honored to be representing and promoting Kefalonia and the entire region of the Ionian Islands at the Vakantiebeurs! Stop by our booth to visit us if you are attending! 

Our team is growing in February with the start of our first intern.

We are entering a new office in Argostoli in April  2024.

We are forging new collaborations with new partners within and outside the Netherlands. More news coming soon! 

New exciting tours have been designed and are available on our website: the Self-guided Tour, the renewed Farm Tour, the Honey Tour, the Taste & Bike Tour in both Argostoli and… Zakynthos, and therefore:

Expansion to neighboring islands of Ithaka and Zakynthos.

We are growing our fleet with even more e-bikes and city bikes.

To more cycling adventures in 2024!🚴

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