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BREAKING NEWS: Announcing the launch of Alpha Cycling Holidays

Updated: Apr 25

Today is the day! Not only because the sun is out and temperatures are starting to feel like spring in Kefalonia. Today we are launching our cycling business and bike tours.

And we're going to do it all differently. With its authentic culture and untouched nature, we will connect you with the beautiful island of Kefalonia. How? By bike! Alpha Cycling Holidays offers tailor-made cycling holidays and bike tours led by both Dutch and English speaking tour guides. We take the strong Dutch Gazelles for an inspiring city tour, the road bike for breathtaking bike tours and the mountain bike for adventures into the wild parts of Kefalonia.

Over the past few months my partner Katia and I have worked hard to set up our company and the result is impressive: the best bike tours of the island of Kefalonia. A bike tour gives you a good impression of the versatility of the island of Kefalonia. We offer five categories of bike tours of Kefalonia that can easily be booked via the website. The website is international and the blogs keep you informed of all new developments related to cycling and Kefalonia.

Curious? Check out our bike tours and we'll see you in Kefalonia!

Albert & Katia Alpha Cyling Holidays

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